Our Philosophy

Fashion voice


 "Fashion voice can be described as a platform that educates people on how to better represent themselves in all aspects of fashion. We pride ourselves in providing and encouraging comfort and confidence to  everyone through our clothing, sewing classes, Consultancy meetings on personal styling and shopping, wardrobe styling, closet creating and so many others are also provided to enable our clients explore and experiment with fashion while also maintaining their identities. The company also hosts workshops in which everyone is invited to participate in, these include aspiring bloggers, YouTube's, entrepreneurs; the purpose is to encourage growth within the community, not just among youths but with everyone who has a dream." - Ajibe Oge 

Relationships First


 To be confident in one’s own self, a sense of inner satisfaction is needed. The satisfaction may come from your inner self, grooming, styling, carrying yourself, the way you talk and etc. For me, fashion is something that has helped me realize my full potential. I, oge ajibe started a blog named Fashion Voice, back in 2016 when I moved from Nigeria to Canada. The name itself signifies the potential fashion has in giving a voice to someone. Fashion expresses what cannot be said in words.